Free image sitemap generator

image sitemap generator

Before submitting please make sure that your html code is valid
with the help of an html validator like:

Generating sitemap
this might take a few minutes, depending on how many pages and images your website has.

Why does your website need an image sitemap?

A sitemap helps google crawl all of your pages and index them faster.
The same applies to images. It takes time for google to crawl and index images, and even if google will index some of them, it might miss a few.
An image sitemap will help google crawlers go through your images faster so they could appear in search results.

How to submit a sitemap to google

Generate a sitemap file and upload it to your website root folder. Log in to your google search console account and verify your site.
1. In search console menu: select sitemaps

google search console menu
2. under add a new sitemap type your sitemap file name.

google search console add sitemap
3. after submission you could see your files in the section below.
search console will provide you with various information about your files like coverage, errors and more.
google search console submitted sitemap list
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